Bathroom Remodeling in Boston, MA

Bathroom Remodeling Contractor Boston MA

At Stella Construction & Home Services, we understand the essence of combining practicality with serenity in our bathroom remodeling projects. Our expert team diligently works to infuse your personal style and preferences into every aspect of the remodel, ensuring your new bathroom is not only a reflection of exquisite design but also a haven of relaxation. From optimizing spatial layouts to selecting premium materials and fixtures, we handle every detail with utmost precision, aspiring to create a space that enhances your daily routines and provides a luxurious escape within your home.

Tile Work

At Stella Construction & Home Services, we believe that tiles are key to bringing a bathroom's design together. Our skilled team ensures each tile is meticulously chosen, cut, and laid to enhance both the functionality and aesthetic of your space. Whether you prefer classic simplicity or a bold, modern approach, we’ll help guide your choice to ensure your bathroom is not only practical but also a reflection of your style. With precise installation and a keen eye for detail, we create spaces that are as durable as they are beautiful, ensuring your bathroom remains a place of relaxation and luxury for years to come.

Bathroom Additions

Elevating your living experience by seamlessly integrating an additional bathroom is a journey Stella Construction & Home Services expertly navigates. A bathroom addition is not just an expansion; it’s a tailored creation that complements your home's existing aesthetic while satisfying your specific needs. From identifying the optimal location to ensuring plumbing and electrical systems are expertly configured, every detail is meticulously planned and executed. Our team is devoted to crafting a space that is harmoniously unified with your home's existing design, providing added convenience and enhancing overall functionality. Let's collaborate to curate a bathroom addition that is a genuine extension of your home’s comfort and style.

Cost To Add Bathroom

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The decision to add a bathroom to your home is a significant one, bringing with it both enhanced functionality and potential property value increases. However, understanding the cost involved is crucial for informed planning. Several factors play into the overall expense, including the bathroom's size, the quality of materials chosen, plumbing requirements, and the complexity of the design. At Stella Construction & Home Services, we aim to provide transparent and competitive pricing tailored to your specific needs and preferences. We work closely with you to outline a clear budget, ensuring you're well informed about the potential costs from the beginning.

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